Monday, June 11, 2018

Ah, but what SORT of expert are they?

I've been following the machinations of a local council here in Perth as it tries to decide on what tree to use in its main street. 

They consulted one of our top landscape architects.

And one of our top tree nurseries.

But are these the sort of experts they should be talking to?

Not really.

The real experts in this space are the local government Parks and Gardens people. The long-serving ones. They've seen how trees perform in real world situations - ie the streets and parks of Perth. They've lived and breathed the daily management of them for years. They know their quirks. They know which of the horror stories are true and which are just old-wive's tales. They know which really thrive and which simply "do OK".

But do they get consulted?


It's not the market's fault. They don't know about these folks.

Get together guys and establish a public profile. Uncle Sam Perth needs you!

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