Monday, April 30, 2018

How's your Greek?

I found myself on the outskirts of Perth on the weekend (I'm always looking for new roads to ride) and was shocked at what I saw. 

I don't know why I was shocked. Perhaps I keep hoping against hope. But I was definitely shocked to see the acres and acres of new houses with no trees anywhere. Not in the properties, not in the streets. Nothing. Just built form as far as the eye could see.

The battle for the hearts and minds has been lost out there. This is the new norm. Trees are seen as an intrusion.

We're going to end up looking like a Greek island.


  1. Trees can be an intrusion. And to have trees shoved onto your verge without consultation is a quick way to get someones back up. I have had two almond trees planted on my verge which i am not happy about. I water and mow the front verge. But in the future i will not and i dont care if it turns into a sandpit as i will be erecting a wall so i don't have to look at it. Councils are quick to allow development and some of the crap done in the City of Stirling is mind boggling. Now to correct their loss of tree canopy they hit the older established areas with trees.