Monday, March 26, 2018

Nice idea, but...

A reader took issue with my post below about infill / loss of trees. 

They made the point that dwellings can in fact "touch the earth lightly" and not disturb trees. "Stumped, timber-framed buildings are an example" they said.

They're right of course. We could build in such a way that trees are undisturbed. My question is: will we? And the answer is clearly "no".

Again, we can stand around wringing our hands about it, protesting that everything would be better if we built pole homes, but the reality is it 'aint gonna happen folks. The development tsunami is made of concrete, bricks and mortar. It's an unstoppable behemoth that is best planned around, not stood in front of. What I'm suggesting is planning around it. Move the forest out of its way!

Problem solvered.  

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