Tuesday, December 19, 2017

I hear ya, Lou

This is my dog Lou. I don't know what's eating him but I do know how he feels. It's how I feel if I look at tree plantings around my city when I go out.

So I don't look. I deliberately keep my eyes up. Wrong trees, wrong spacings, wrong planting techniques, wrong maintenance. Perth councils are throwing money away and nobody is holding them to account.

I know I've written a lot about this and vowed I wouldn't any more, but sometimes it just comes out.

I've given Parks managers a hard time about it too and they haven't appreciated it. I don't blame them. Who wants to hear it? But you have to hear it folks. You're not doing your job properly.

But you know what? I'm changing my thoughts on that. Yes, those guys have definitely dropped the ball - BUT, who's really responsible? The councils themselves. The elected members. I've emailed pretty much all of them in Perth and do you think any are prepared to take it on? I suspect a couple have tried but got snowed. I know what happens - I used to "snow" myself sometimes. Not about this issue but other ones. We all do it to some extent to protect our asses, right?

The big question for me is whether to go in to bat again and try and force change. I know how to do it: (a) obtain the planting data from each council, (b) keep tabs on their failure rates, (c) create a league ladder of performance and (d) publish it. A bit like the schools league ladder. It would make me about as popular as bacon at a bar-mitzvah but part of me thinks "well, I'm already on the nose, what's to lose?". But then another part of me says "meh, ride your bike, play your music, enjoy your life". And I must admit that part's winning at present. I keep my eyes up and ignore what's there.
Kinda sad really.