Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Try as I may...

I just can't get away from trees.

I mean look at this nonsense. And it's everywhere you look these days.

PARKS GUYS: CREATE BIGGER HOLES IN THE GRASS WHEN YOU PLANT A TREE! This is useless. If the tree is still alive in two years it will at best be stunted. And you will have wasted two years of watering. YOUNG TREES CANNOT COMPETE WITH GRASS. The grass takes all the water and nutrients. The tree misses out. And you just wasted a whole lot of your own time and your ratepayers' money. MY money.

I know why you do this. Because you want it to look "nice" and "neat" on the day the tree goes in. NO. You have to think of the welfare of the tree, not your idea of what looks good. And while I'm at it, what's with this dumb elliptical shape increasingly being used now? Tree roots grow out in a circle. Create a (minimum) one metre diameter circle in the grass when you plant the tree and maintain it at that diameter. That last bit's really important. KEEP the grass away from the tree. It not only lets the tree thrive, it ensures the other great tree killer, the whippersnipper, doesn't get near  it.

Basic Parks 101 is being lost from our Parks and Gardens Departments. We'll all pay the price - figuratively AND literally.

Seeing as we're critiquing, look at the turf. Newly-laid in winter and no-one's figured out yet that the season's changed.


Come on folks, lift your game.

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