Monday, October 2, 2017

Street verges are valuable PUBLIC open space

I remember reading years ago that "future wars will be fought over water."

As the world's population grows and its climate changes, it's starting to sound more and more feasible. Access to bountiful, clean water will be a precious thing indeed.

You wouldn't think so here in Perth though. We're still allowed to pour world-class drinking water on the ground to water grass that no-one uses.

I'm referring primarily to street verges. It's time to recognise them as public open space, not the property of the adjacent land owner. They belong to all of us. They are a fantastic resource and should be used to grow trees (with no irrigation) rather than swathes of useless, water-guzzling grass that require constant fertilising and mowing*.

Councils: TAKE BACK YOUR VERGES. They're yours. They're part of the road reserve. You can no longer allow the public to do with them as they wish. You need to manage them for the common good.

For the planet's good.

* This is such a no-brainer. It solves the water problem AND the tree canopy problem. Councils just need the intestinal fortitude to make a stand.

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