Thursday, September 14, 2017

Next stop: Helsinki

I learned a lot in Madrid. They live large and they live public. This is one of the benefits of higher density living: you have to live in your public open space because you don't have any of your own! And that creates "community" because everyone isn't shut up in their own palace doing their own thing.

In my suburb in Perth there's a strong resistance to any increase in density at all. I used to feel the same. I don't any more. I've seen the benefits of closer living in so many places around the world and come to the conclusion that dormitory suburbs are just plain dull.

"Village" is how humans are meant to live I reckon. And I reckon Fremantle is going to be the next big thing in Perth. They've got all the basics there already. And now that the council realises that "preservation at all costs" actually kills the place, I reckon the port city just might become the jewel in our crown.

Next stop Helsinki...

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