Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Motorcycles in public places

I parked my motorbike in a small bit of "dead space" in Bayview Tce, Claremont and was told by the Ranger to move it into a car bay.

Here in Madrid they just park bikes everywhere and anywhere. But you know what? It doesn't cause a problem. Because the riders know they can't impede pedestrians or traffic. Everyone gets it and it works beautifully.

In Claremont, my bike was not causing anyone a problem. I can only imagine how cranky the motorists must have been who were crawling along looking for a hard-to-find parking bay only to spot one, turn in and see that it was already occupied by a little 250cc motorbike!

It doesn't make sense. Motorbikes can fit into all sorts of spots and not cause anyone any grief. Why take up precious car bays?

But there's something else. Bikes add atmosphere. They add to the cosmopolitan feel of a place.

Something to think about, Claremont.

And everyone else.

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