Monday, September 11, 2017

Look out Madrid, it's starting...

Here in the Salamanca district of Madrid you walk street after street of magnificent streetscapes created by big, close-spaced trees.

Until you round a corner and come across a street that for some reason didn't have trees and they're currently planting it.


Uh oh. Small Tree Syndrome is infecting this place too. Very sad. Parks departments are unknowingly destroying the character of the very places they (supposedly) serve.

Everyone's afraid. Who's going to stand up and be counted? Lead your community, councils, don't fear them. If they rail against big trees, educate them. The future of our cities is, for better or worse, is in your hands. It's a responsibility you must take and acquit well. No-one will thank you for it. They will criticise you in fact. Until the place looks fabulous. And then they will all say what foresight you showed. You have to accept that. As Jesus of Nazareth said: "A prophet is not without honour except in his home town."

Be bold. The way of the timid is death.

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