Tuesday, September 12, 2017

I hear ya, Bill

After a couple of weeks now of wandering around Berlin and Madrid, I'm increasingly in a New York state of mind when it comes to public open space.

That city's transformation of small, unused pieces of ground into superb public open space is the best I've seen.

A tiny "park" in Manhattan (click photo to go there)

They'll whack big trees, seats, planter boxes - and very often a water feature - into just about anywhere. Whether it be the useless triangle between two angled, intersecting streets, the inside of a roundabout or the narrow gap between two buildings. There seems no limit to their ingenuity and I've yet to see it done better.

If you're into public open space design, a visit to Manhattan should be No.1 on your list.

At least from what I've seen so far...

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