Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Fact Checker: City of Joondalup story

Never let the facts get in the way of a good story. Let's take a closer look at this piece on WA Today:

"Digging up turf or paving…"

Really? "Cutting out a small section of …." would be more accurate. But that doesn't sound as thuggish does it?

"It's a life-threatening thing for me…"

Really? That tree will take 20 years to get to the point it's producing large quantities of pollen. The resident will probably have moved on or be dead from something else by then. And even if she's still around, the other trees in the street are not going to be life-threatening to her? I call hysteria and NIMBY-ism.

"Some residents are waking up in the morning to discover a tree planted in front of the steps leading to the front door…"

Really? So the council has been out planting in the middle of the night? And how many times has this actually happened anyway? Once I'm guessing…

"Another resident complained the tree was planted only metres from a water main which could eventually cause damage…"

Pretty much every street tree ever planted is only metres away from one service or another. Use that as your guide and you'd never plant a street tree again. Besides, if it's a WA Peppermint it won't damage nuthin'. The sky is always falling according to some people...

This article illustrates just how uphill the battle is going to be to green Perth. And the media reporting it this way sure isn't helping. Where are the responses from the vast majority of residents who no doubt support the program?

Donald might be a bit "out there" but that doesn't mean fake news 'aint a thing. Lift your game WA Today. You have a responsibility to support initiatives to green the planet, not undermine them.

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