Thursday, June 29, 2017

Then and now

This is the beach carpark near my place - built probably in the 1970's. Look at the design of the planting strip. We created a raised hob, planted trees in it and piped the stormwater out to sea. Yep, we really did that.

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Below is the 2017 model - same car park, extended to cater for increased demand. This time we create a swale, plant the trees in it and shed all the stormwater into it. Trees watered for free. Aquifer recharged. No expensive stormwater pipes required. Scary, isn't it?

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The tree choice is spot on too. Big, unruly, son-of-a-beach Casuarinas - just what the (Fremantle) Doctor ordered. They can't cause any harm set up like this and will take everything the Doctor throws at 'em.

Nice work Cambridge.

PS…for those not from WA, the "Fremantle Doctor" is the sea "breeze" we get every afternoon in summer. I say "breeze" because that's what it's called here. "Gale" more like it.

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