Friday, June 9, 2017


If you're a councillor in a large council and you're serious about your urban forest, here's what you should do: create the position of Manager Urban Forest. It's too important to be left under Parks Supervisors (no offence guys, but I'm right on this one). Your urban forest asset is worth hundreds of millions of dollars (give or take, depending on what valuation method you use). The Manager Urban Forest's salary would equate to 0.1% or something of that. Easily justifiable. The beauty of this approach is that EVERYTHING that impacts the urban forest - tree selection, planting and maintenance, road works, development, private tree retention blah blah blah - has to go through this one position. Now you have control. Now you have accountability. Now you can succeed. To my knowledge no council in WA has done this yet. Make a name for yourself: be the first.

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