Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Come fly with me

in my satellite looking down on earth. 

We're passing over Western Australia.

It's night time and everything below is dark and formless.

But we switch on our infrared goggles and there it is:


Glowing like an ember in the blackness.

The heat-island effect.

Click the photo to see what we're talking about

What causes it?

The built form (buildings and roads) absorbing heat during the day and hanging on to it.

What to do?

Either reflect the heat back or cover everything up.

It's not practical to cover our buildings so let's make our roofs reflective*.

That just leaves the roads.

They obviously can't be reflective so we need to cover them.

With trees.

Problem solvered.

* Someone will say "you can't - the nuisance to neighbouring properties would be too great." No it won't. Because the trees will block the sight lines of the roofs ;)

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