Thursday, November 10, 2016

"Now listen up, Perth…"

"You're suffering from a severe case of 'Kneejerkus no-us'. 

"You didn't want any development at City Beach (my home) for years but now that it's done you can't get enough of it. Same thing at the nearby Gayton Rd shops (I go there for scraps too) which burnt down a couple of years ago. Now that it's been redeveloped, you're all over it like a seagull on a hot chip."

"A word to the wise: don't say 'no' too quick. Change can actually be fun! Good luck. And stay loose, huh? :) "

C. Gull ("Col")

PS… Col's real purdy. Click him to see what I mean. So much stuff we see but don't "see".


  1. I remember when people were anti Hillarys boat harbour being built. And now I believe Sorrento residents are up in arms about "high rise" at the seafront. No doubt they will love it once it's there!

    1. Good point Helen. I forgot about Hillarys. And I suspect those who objected to the City Beach development are down there right now enjoying a meal in one of the fabulous eateries :)