Saturday, November 5, 2016

Good do-ers

Claret Ash* (Fraxinus "Raywood") is on my Trees for Perth list for good reason.

This one is in the far corner of my backyard. It's in coastal sand, cops salt-laden sea breezes, gets no water and no fertiliser and is surrounded by thick weeds which I'm always promising to clear but never do (sorry, dear).

Click photo for a better look

Now admittedly it's rather small** because of all the above factors - in better soil and with more care it would be considerably bigger - but even so, each year it puts on its new leaves and ploughs on, disease-free, hassle-free. 

In the Hills they get big and handsome. On the Perth sand plain they only get to medium height and definitely wouldn't be your first pick for wide roads with big verges and no overhead powerlines. But where a medium size tree suits the scale, they're hard to beat.

They've definitely earned "good do-er" status in my book.

* They're called Claret Ash because the leaves turn claret in autumn. This particular cultivar actually came out of a nursery in South Australia in the early 1900's so we can almost claim it as a "native" :)

** It's actually a bit bigger than it looks here because the garden bed it's in is about 800mm lower than the seat.

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