Thursday, November 10, 2016

"Don't raise the bridge, lower the river."

It might have made for a funny movie, but it's clearly not the smart way to fix something.

When I worked in local government, residents would ask me to prune their street tree because "it's shading my garden and my roses won't grow".

Removing tree canopy to grow roses is dumb. Far better to change what you're trying to grow underneath!

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  1. So true Grayden. The lawn and roses must be a hangover from the English in our blood

    1. Yes, possibly so. But I think Perth's lawn culture also comes from the fact that we've always had access to (a) bore water and (b) relatively cheap scheme water. I reckon the "salvation" of Perth will be when water becomes as expensive as petrol. We'll drink it, wash in it and use it to grow trees (which eventually require no water at all) but won't pour it on the ground like we do now. In other words, we'll develop landscapes like Mediterannean countries have had for millennia ;)

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