Thursday, October 6, 2016

What I like about mechanics

They're realists. They don't get all misty-eyed about cars.

As one said to me when I commented that he didn't seem too upset about the damage to his Merc:

"It's just a piece of tin."

See the distinction? He loves cars - they're his vocation - but he also is able to separate himself emotionally from them. It's like doctors I guess.

It's also what Parks folks are good at when it comes to trees. They love them, no question. But they also recognise they have finite life spans and inevitably end up in the chipper.

What prompted these reflections you ask?

An article in today's paper said it was "sad" that some old WA Peppermints had to be removed because they were well past their use-by date. It got me thinking. No, it's not "sad". It's the natural cycle of life.

I think this is a healthier perspective to have. It lets us make better decisions about what is, ultimately, "green infrastructure".

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