Wednesday, October 26, 2016


My Flame Trees* are back in leaf and all is right with the world.

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I've sung the praises of this tree many times but I'll do it again because they are just such superb things for Perth.

Forget the fact that they have thorns, that they can split, that they are potentially a food source for the (pest) White Corella. All these things are manageable.

The important thing is this: they are big, leafy**, long-lived, disease-free, grow-anywhere*** trees that cause minimal disruption to infrastructure and are therefore an essential component of the urban forest of a hot, dry, soil-impoverished city which can no longer afford to be choosy.


* These are Erythrina x sykesii, not to be confused with Brachychiton acerifolia which is also called "Flame Tree" but is no good for Perth.

** As we now know, it's not just size of canopy that matters but total leaf area of the canopy. This tree ticks both boxes.

*** These are by the coast (show me another large, leafy tree that will do this) but they are equally at home in the heavy soils of the Hills. Remarkable.

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