Saturday, August 13, 2016

Why no trees?

Forrest Place, Perth (click photo to enlarge)

A square like this might work in Prague or somewhere but not here.

Can you imagine the heat and glare in summer?

C'mon landscape architects, you know this isn't right.

We need you to LEAD, not follow.


  1. Not sure it works anywhere Grayden; but especially not here. It's a great picture to sum up the problems (a total lack of understanding) going on. Makes me quite angry over Kate Emery's obsequious article on the City of Perth's plans to plant (a measly) 450 new trees a year for 4 years. I think the first 450 trees could go in this square and Elizabeth Quay. Keep up the good work; I'm really enjoying your insightful posts.

  2. Thanks Chris - appreciate the support! And the new Manager Parks at City of Perth is a good operator so I'm sure he'll be taking a look at that ;)