Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Love and fear

There's only love and fear. Everything we do stems from one or the other. 

At present in Perth, when it comes to urban forest, fear rules.

Council staff are afraid of their ratepayers.

Landscape Architects are afraid of council staff.

Contractors are afraid of landscape architects and anyone else who pays their bills.

Everyone's afraid* so they do what pleases people rather than what is right.

This is all well and good - it keeps the money rolling in - but ultimately, it destroys us.

Read the quote below again ("What it takes").

Will you be one of them?

Or will you take the money and run?

* Politicians are afraid too when they put their re-election ahead of the country. One was brave though. He stood up in Parliament this week to give his maiden speech and said we should double the GST to 20%. He's right and everyone in Canberra knows it. They're just scared.

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