Wednesday, August 17, 2016

If they're serious

Apparently six new trees are to be planted for every one of the trees demolished at Lathlain Park.

And of course, every one of those trees needs to be brought to maturity or the whole exercise will, rightly, be seen as tokenism.

Let's do some math….

80 trees demolished = 480 trees planted.

480 x $450/tree/year (twice a week watering plus maintenance) = $216,000/yr

Five years of watering / maintenance = $1,080,000

And this doesn't include the initial cost of the trees and the labour to plant them. Let's add another $80,000.

So, the Eagles need to stump up $1.16m over five years if this is to be taken seriously.

But let's be fair. The watering regime can probably drop back a bit after year three. Let's round it off to a million dollars.

Now we know that if this sort of money isn't put in, many of the trees will die. If that happens, the Eagles should have to keep replacing trees until eventually there are 480 healthy, thriving, five year old trees for the council to take over.

In other words, the cost will be a million bucks either way.

If I was the council, that's what I'd be requiring. And it's still cheap when you consider that the value of those eighty felled mature trees would have been many times that using any of the internationally-accepted amenity tree valuation methods.

Dear Eagles: Perth Street Tree would be more than happy to plant, water and maintain the 480 trees for you and guarantee you have 480 healthy, thriving, five year old trees to hand over to the council in 2021 :)

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