Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Buy in haste, repent at leisure.

There's a right way to prune a tree to get more northern light.

And then there's this way.

It seems like a quick fix but it's deadly.


Because you end up with more light-blocking foliage than you had before!

And the regrowth is weak and snaps off easily.

And you have ruined the shape of your tree forever.

Think of it this way: a properly-pruned tree should be the same size and shape as it was before - just sparser.

If your contractor even mentions the word "lopping", run inside and hide until he leaves.

He should be talking "canopy thinning" or "canopy reduction".

No serious tree person does this anymore. I suspect it's the work of one of those "there's a verge pickup coming, we'll lop your trees cheap!" dudes. Yes, they're cheap. You just pay later!

You can see who I use here.

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