Thursday, July 28, 2016

Why councils musn't allow "artificial grass" on their verges

It's not just the artificial grass green plastic but the compacted road base that's under it.

Yes, that's right. They install a layer of road base, compact the living suitcase out of it and then lay the artificial grass green plastic on top.

Does compacted road base let lots of water and oxygen through to the tree's roots?

Er, no.

And there's another problem:

How is the council going to replace this tree?

Cut a big hole in the resident's very expensive artificial grass green plastic?

No, I didn't think so either.

Net result: treeless verges*.

The council should never have allowed people to start doing this in this prestigious estate. But they can still stop it. Allow the ones that are there to stay but don't allow any more.

This is a serious issue folks. We'll pay for this big time if we don't wise up.

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* Just out of camera shot were three more verges covered in artificial grass green plastic - all treeless.

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