Sunday, July 24, 2016

Burning money

One night when I was a kid, my old man came in and said "do you want to come down to Middleton Beach with me and throw 20c pieces off the jetty?"

I thought the old boy had flipped his trolley but, hey, I was in!

You can imagine my disappointment then when he added:

"We may as well if you're going to leave lights on all over the house".

And that's pretty much what this council is doing here.

Burning money.

Because here's what this tree is going to look like 12 months from now.

Why's that a problem you ask?

Because of this:

Mower damage.

Ironically, just down the road a resident was showing them how it should be done!

Apart from protecting the young tree from mower/whipper damage, keeping the grass away from it removes competition and lets it grow faster.

Moral of the story: cut a BIG hole in the grass when you plant your trees.

"But the residents won't like it."

They'll like it even less when they realise how much money you're throwing off the jetty.

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