Sunday, June 19, 2016

World's largest "espalier" tree!

It's hard to tell if this is a Spotted Gum or a River Gum. It might be a hybrid of the two as Eucalypts tend to do that quite freely.

Anyway, the remarkable thing about it (apart from how big and healthy it is given what it's growing out of!) is that it's literally two-dimensional.

It's had all limbs growing into/over the building removed and, for some reason, all the limbs growing over the road too.

The end result is a fan-shaped, "espalier" tree on a massive scale.

It's a wonderful piece of living sculpture and makes a great statement* in front of these apartments in York St, Subiaco.

* The downside to doing this sort of thing is that it tends to make the branches more vulnerable to snap outs in high winds. In a normal canopy, the branches all protect each other. In this situation they're much more exposed. 

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