Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Why lopping trees ruins them forever

This Liquidambar has been severely lopped and a proliferation of new epicormic* growth has occurred, ruining the shape of the tree forever.

But there's another problem...

Epicormic growth on Liquidambar - click photo for closer look

The epicormic growths are weakly attached to the main branches and tend to snap out easily in strong winds - especially as the growths get long and heavy.

Moral of the story?

Don't do it.

Don't lop your trees, get them properly pruned by someone who knows what they're doing.

If you need more light into your property for example, you can achieve it by thinning rather than lopping. You get the extra light and the tree retains it's natural shape AND stays healthy. Everyone's a winner!

Choose tree contractors who understand this. 

Here are three I have used for many years and have complete confidence in:

Arbor Centre
Beaver Tree Services
Professional Tree Surgeons

* Epicormic buds lie dormant under the bark of the tree and only shoot when the tree is under threat. You often see these shoots on trees that are dying from a disease for example.

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