Thursday, June 23, 2016

We're still not getting it :(

This is a brand new park in Subiaco.

A great deal of attention has been given to the hardscape - and the elements are very nice, including a water feature, shade structures and BBQs not shown here - but they've scrimped on the single most important thing:


Think of it this way:

If you take the fancy hardscape elements out of a well-treed space, it's still a pleasant space. 

But if you take all the trees out of a well-featured space, no one wants to be there. 

That should give us a clue as to what really matters!

We're a HOT climate!

We've got the highest UV rating in the world!

Give us trees please!

Lots of them.

And big ones.

It truly isn't that hard.

This is a sensational piece of public art - I love it - but I would trade it in a heartbeat for some serious tree planting*.

Tip: click the photos

* And probably save a motza into the bargain. What would it be worth? $100,000?

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