Saturday, June 4, 2016

These trees constantly surprise me

When it comes to big trees by the coast, it's hard to go past Tuart.

Click photo to see how big this tree is compared to the car!

I'm constantly surprised at how big they get in environments where all the other trees are cowering low.

It almost doesn't add up - ie how they can do it - but they do.

We should definitely be using them more in these environments instead of the leprechauns we're planting now.

This one was only 100m from the beach and had plenty of buddies out of shot.

They're a good, strong tree too - ie they don't tend to have "snap outs" as much as some of the other Eucalypts.

Good do-ers for sure!


  1. A beautiful and hardy tree, they should be planted everywhere in Perth!

  2. I look forward to telling my own special Tuart story someday, meanwhile, will say that they really need to be planted in their preferred coastal / limestone soil, a soil is what supports a tree. Seed provenance critical, TALL Tuart is a rather different creature than the usual seed collected from coastal morphs. A tall Tuart in the suburbs; plant where with care.