Friday, June 24, 2016

The healing power of a walk in the bush

I never tire of the simple pleasure of a track disappearing through trees.

This one's in Bold Park, City Beach.

I went for a walk there yesterday after hearing about this.

Remnant bushlands are important - not just for the critters that live there, but for us two-legged critters as well!

This one's badly degraded but still works - just.

The only suggestion* I'd make is plant more Tuarts.

They're not re-seeding due to the heavy weed infestation choking them out.

And a "Tuart woodland" without Tuarts is, well, kinda disappointing (!)

* Actually here's another suggestion: spray out a small section of the weeds each winter and HEAVILY plant understory plants to suppress further weed growth. A slow process in a reserve this big but you have to start somewhere.

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