Friday, June 17, 2016

Missed opportunity

This irrigated turf was destroyed during large scale roadworks adjacent to it.

The developer was required to make good and the council got them to just replace it with more irrigated turf.

What an opportunity gone begging!

It's a very large development (ie many millions of dollars) so the council could have basically got any treatment it wanted here.

What they should have done was NOT replace the grass but taken the opportunity to create a mulched grove of trees*. No more mowing, no more fertilising, no more maintaining an irrigation system. And the developer would have paid for it all! 

Install a few seats amongst the trees and you would have a delightful resting spot near to the town centre instead of this unused piece of high-maintenance grass.

The City of Melbourne would be all over this like a rash. They've set themselves a very ambitious canopy target (40% cover by 2040) and snaffle up every opportunity like this to plant more trees.

And therein lies our problem: we haven't set ourselves ambitious enough targets so we get lazy.

How about it Perth councils?  Why not follow Melbourne's lead and give yourself a REAL challenge?
You will suddenly be greedily scavenging up every bit of space you can to plant trees instead of letting them pass by like this.

Your community will thank you.

The planet will thank you.

* I would mass plant Lemon-scented Gums (Corymbia citriodora) at 3m spacings. Yes, 3m! They will all grow up together and protect each other and become a local landmark. Stunning!

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