Sunday, June 12, 2016

Kinda, sorta

This is Museum St, Northbridge after it's recent makeover.

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One carriageway has been converted to public open space, the other remains, making it a one-way street.

Like: the colour, the closely-spaced Plane trees, the sculptures which double as seats / play items. It's a relatively low outlay for a big impact.

Disappointment: the use of Jacaranda (left side of picture)*. Its the northwest side of the space and if you needed the large trees anywhere, it was here. As it is, the shade is mostly going to be over the cars, not the people (!)  Also, a double row of Planes would have looked sensational whereas the Jacarandas are never going to amount to much.

Verdict:  Good, but could have been even better if the designers had been bolder with the trees. 

* What's really ironic is that the other side of the street (far right against the buildings) is Planes too(!) Why wouldn't you just complete the theme?

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