Saturday, May 7, 2016

You see a surprising amount of this in the US

The tree comes first. 


  1. Grayden,

    Just like the Eastern US, cities like Los Angeles are having a terrible time finding the funding to maintain their sidewalks. I fear that some of the past "greenscaping" and urban planning neglected to consider the micro-effect of the ageing trees on the infrastructure around it. It's not just about the error in considering size of the trees, but the size of the maintenance budget, too!

    The residents who may be responsible for repairing the sidewalks are probably not equipped or motivated to care for the trees.

  2. Thanks Shauna - interesting insights. But you know what? It's better that they put the big trees in and THEN figure out how to maintain the infrastructure. You can always find money to fix sidewalks. You can't undo wrong tree choices though.

    I was interested in your comment that RESIDENTS are responsible for maintaining sidewalks!? I've never heard that before. How so?