Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The world's biggest Moonah!

It's a pity I couldn't find someone to stand next to this tree. It was a monster.

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It's certainly the biggest Rottnest Island Tea Tree (Melaleuca lanceolata) I've seen - 23 metres across!

Known as "Moonah" elsewhere in Australia, it's pretty ubiquitous but wouldn't get much grander than this I'd suggest.

This one on the corner of Marapana Rd and Marimba Crescent, City Beach would have been planted in the 1950's*.

It's still being planted as a street tree here.

Should it be?

Not really. Bigger, leafier trees would give you better bang for your buck.

* If you're interested, go check this tree out sooner rather than later - it's not long for this world I'd say. It looks good here but internally it's pretty stuffed. Be sure to get out of your car and walk into it though to appreciate just how majestic it is.

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