Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Stone the crows

Or shoot them. Or gas them. I don't care, as long as we CONTROL them. 

Click photo for a good look at this handsome devil
They've moved into my area and have basically driven all the other birds out.

Dawn used to be heralded by a symphony of birdsong from magpies, wattle birds, willy wagtails and others, but is now ushered in solely by the plaintive caw-ing of the crow.

We butcher thousands of kangaroos a year because they're inconvenient. We shoot a gazillion cows, slit the throats of the same number of sheep and pigs, cut the heads off countless chickens, pull mega tons of fish from the sea…but won't cull crows. Go figure.

The usual reason given is that "they're native". But so are some cockroaches. And bees. And snakes and mice and who-knows-what-else. But we control them when they start to negatively impact our lives.

We don't want to eradicate crows - of course not. They're a signature feature of the Australian bush, their lazy cry somehow capturing the very essence of it and, perhaps, the Australian character itself.

But we don't live in the bush. We live in cities. Purely artificial constructs. To dream that we can somehow plonk a concrete and brick metropolis in the middle of the bush and the bush will continue to function as normal, is just that. A dream.

The bush is the bush. The city is the city. Sure, if pockets of remnant bush are large enough they can continue to function pretty close to the real thing. But I'm talking about suburbia: houses, lawns, roads and cars. It's where we live and, sorry, the crows have to play by our rules.

As do the cockroaches.

And the mice.

And the bees.


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