Thursday, May 26, 2016

Meeting objections

Parks and Gardens people don't plant big trees because "residents object."

Here's how to deal with it:

Tell them they'll either be in an old person's home or dead by the time the tree gets big.

The resident will then say "well, what about those who will live here in the future and will have to put up with the shading and mess from the trees?"

Tell them those people can always choose to live in another street. And besides, if that was really such a big deal, why is that when I go to streets that are lined with huge trees and offer to chop them down and replace them with something smaller, the residents question my parentage and tell me they know where my children go to school?

The resident will then say the trees will cause the City infrastructure damage in the future.

Tell them the City is prepared to put up with some infrastructure damage in order to get the myriad benefits that big trees deliver.

Get the picture? All these "problems" are straw men: THEY NEVER HAPPEN.

The day after you plant the big tree in their street they will forget all about it and go back to worrying about something else.

Trust me on this.

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