Sunday, May 15, 2016

It's time for Perth to let go of grass

When I bought my house the whole front was grass. And I mean the WHOLE front. Kerb to house. It totalled nearly 500m2(!)

 I removed the lot and replaced it with gardens, paving, decking and three Flame Trees (Erythrina x indica) which now form a canopy over the whole space. 

And that means lots of leaves in autumn. 

Am I worried? 

Not at all. The trees are mulching my garden for free each year!

And because the leaves are thin and papery, they break down quickly and enrich the soil.

As you can see I'm not too anal about cleaning them up. I pretty much let them fall where they want and just sweep off the decking and paving now and then. 

There's no way I'd go back to a swathe of lawn. This garden is not only more functional (we live out the front a lot now), it's beautiful. Leaves and all :)

Grass and trees are essentially at war with one another.

Choose trees.

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