Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Ever wondered what Jarrah Dieback actually looks like?


These two Jarrah trees (Eucalyptus marginata) on a verge in Floreat are almost certainly suffering from it.

It's a soil-borne fungus (Phytophthora cinnamomi) that attacks the roots of the trees but shows up as the tips "dying back" like this. Eventually the tree dies. There's no coming back from it*.

It doesn't just affect Jarrah trees either. Many native species are susceptible to it - nearly half of ALL Western Australian natives in fact!

This is why it's referred to as "the biological bulldozer". It has the potential to completely change the flora of our south west.

If you want more info, the not-for-profit Dieback Working Group is a good place to start.

* You can inject trees with a fungicide to inoculate them but this is obviously not feasible on a large scale - especially as it has to be repeated every few years!

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