Thursday, May 19, 2016

Autumn in Subi

We joke that we have two seasons in Perth: hot and not so hot*.

But this really is the best time, isn't it?

It's another good reason to use deciduous trees. We talk about the colour of autumn leaves, but what about the SMELL? Love it!

Around the corner from here was a street full of Cape Lilacs (Melia azederach). I stopped for a chat with a lady who was walking her dog.

Lady: These would have to be the WORST street trees!

Me: Really? Why?

Lady: The mess! They drop these leaves in autumn - and in summer it's the berries!

Me: But they're beautiful, aren't they?

Lady: Oh yes. And the Black Cockatoos love them.

Me: I believe they're an endangered species now. These trees can maybe help them out?

Lady: Yes, they're such beautiful birds. It would be a shame if we didn't have them.

Me: Cape Lilacs might yet be their salvation!

Lady: True. I love trees. Don't get me started. My daughter is always saying "Mum, you and your trees!"

Interesting, huh? It shows me that people often have a learned, knee-jerk reaction to trees but if you continue the conversation you usually find a deeper, more meaningful relationship buried within.

Tip: click the photos for a better look.

* I believe the indigenous Noongar people considered there to be six seasons in the Perth area, a reflection no doubt of their more nuanced appreciation of the place.

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