Monday, May 23, 2016


So I go out for a walk around my neighbourhood to see what I can see.

And after a while something dawns on me.

All the big trees I'm seeing above the rooftops have something in common.

No, it's not the species - although a lot of them are Tuarts admittedly.

It's the fact that they're mostly on private property.

Yet on the verges, we're planting mushrooms!

This is the wrong way round!! 

The street is where we have the ROOM to plant big trees and we're not taking advantage of it.

The street tree masterplan of my council needs a review. I suspect yours does too. If you agree, write to your council and tell them.

It's important you do this.


Because all they ever hear from are the tree-phobes* so they assume we're all like that.

Write to them and tell them you want to see BIG trees in your street. It makes a difference. Trust me on this!

* Read the comment from a council person here to see what I mean.

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