Saturday, May 21, 2016

A bit windy this morning!

This was probably the oldest Euc in my neighbourhood and it went down like a toothpick. You can see by the size of the guy on the left it was big.

When this happens we like to take a look at the root plate to see how healthy the roots were. Often you'll see they've rotted due to damage from previous works.

It was hard to get close to this one however. The tree had taken out the gas and water when it went over and the utility guys weren't keen on me getting in the way.

But from what I can make out looking at the second shot, the roots look healthy enough. I think they've just snapped off!

Mind you, when I got up this morning and looked outside, the conditions were virtually cyclonic. The heavy rain was being atomised and the whole area looked like a snow storm white-out.

The power of nature


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