Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Zeal is good until it blinds you

There's a new push coming in Perth from those who would like to see only Australian natives (and preferably local ones) used as street trees.

This is a mistake.

The reasons why it is a mistake are outlined in various places on this blog.

No one else around the world advocates this approach any more. It carries too much risk apart from anything else.

Local government Parks and Gardens managers will have to be firm to resist the push however as the voices of those who advocate this approach are very persistent. 

The fact is there are many more factors involved in choosing street trees than simply support of local fauna.

Unfortunately some refuse to recognise that.


  1. Trees in an endemic range are generally there because they thrive in that microclimate. When we pave roads and footpaths, remove understory plants and irrigate in summer we significantly change the growing conditions which often results in underperformance and ultimately a tree which people don't love due to the sub standard condition.
    Street Tree need to be able to perform in harsh and un-natural environments which is why trees which perform in the unfriendly environment are selected for use.