Friday, April 29, 2016

Ugly names, beautiful trees

Cream and white-flowering Dogwoods (Cornus sp.) frame the entrance to
an inner-city children's playground in Boston.

And no, they won't work in Perth*.

Click the photo - it's worth it!

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And this one 'aint much better:

Crab Apple (Malus sp.)

Like the Dogwood it flowers on the bare wood and then as the new leaves start to appear you get both for a short period (as in this shot) until the flowers finish.

Both are only small trees so they get used basically as understorey - the Maples, Oaks etc telling the main story.

In Perth we could do the same with Oleander.

* Dogwoods like moist, acid soils and cool climates. Perth has dry, alkaline soils and is stinking hot 

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