Monday, April 11, 2016

So close

The council has done some nice work a bit further on from where this shot was taken. They've used big shade trees on both sides of the road and created what's going to be a really nice shopping precinct.

Cambridge St, West Leederville

But they missed the boat by paving a large portion of this median island and filling the remainder with Agapanthus and some other trifling thing.

They should have put big trees in.

It's a relatively slow speed environment and a wide median - no real risk here at all. It would have created a great entry to the shops and the "side friction"* of the trees would have further slowed the traffic as it approached the pedestrian area.

Sydney and Melbourne are flat out pulling the paving out of their medians to plant trees and we're still going the other way!

Come on Perth, we need to wake up. Do we really want a city designed by Main Roads?

What would it look like?


* "Side friction" is the psychological friction created when you put high things on the sides and/or in the middle of roads. Drivers instinctively slow down.

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