Saturday, April 9, 2016

Signs of the times

I know I bang on about what worrywarts and nervous nellies we've become but truly, it's everywhere.

I went down to the Swan River this afternoon and came across this delightful little bay.

Access was down some well constructed limestone steps complete with a handrail.

It looked pretty safe to me.

But no, apparently not. We still needed to put a sign up...

…warning that the steps were steep

Like I couldn't see that for myself?

"What the heck," I thought, "I'm going to RISK it!"

So I walked down the steps.

Ane what do you suppose was at the bottom?


Another sign. 

This time warning me that the steps were steep going up too.

"Meh," I thought, "you're not scaring me anymore", and I sauntered casually over to the jetty.

But before I could actually step foot on it I came across...


That was it. My nerve failed and I turned and ran up the steps and all the way home.

Did I feel guilty that I didn't shout a warning to the fisherman on the jetty before I ran?

No way. Let him read the signs like the rest of us.

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