Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Sensory overload

The path to my local shops passes under this sprawling Port Jackson Fig*.

Walking under its 35m canopy on a hot day is like entering another world. A quiet, cool world.

And the best bit? The smell of fermenting "figs". The sweet, woody aroma transports you direct to the winery cellar! It's a heady combination and something everyone should get to enjoy.

Click photo to see how beautifully sculptural these buttress roots are
At the recent Urban Tree Conference in Melbourne, Professor C Y Jim from Hong Kong University told us how lucky we were in Australia to have the space to plant big trees.

But every time we plant small trees where we could have planted big ones, we squander that advantage and shortchange our grandchildren.

* Ficus rubiginosa. The unusual rust colour of the tree is due to bore water stain (high iron content).

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