Monday, April 18, 2016

New York bound, God willing*

The daily post might be somewhat non-tree related over the next couple of days while I'm in transit. 

I'll just put up shots of whatever catches my eye along the way.

Like this guy. 'Aint he just the coolest thing on two legs?

If you definitely need a green fix however, check out the New York galleries on my other website to see what I found when I was there last time.

New York has undergone a remarkable transformation since the 1970's and the upgrading of its parks and gardens was identified early as a "must do" if the residents were to feel good about their city again.

Something I'm specifically hoping to talk to NYC Parks about this time is their "Million Trees Program". I believe they completed it ahead of schedule and I'm keen to find out how.

Meanwhile, I think I need a blue hat
* I always say "God-willing" when I plan ahead. I said it to a guy once and he said "I didn't know you were religious". I said "there's probably lots of things you don't know about me, nor me you!" Which raises an interesting point: transparency. I reckon the more we can be it, the better we collaborate and the sooner we reach our collective goals. I want this blog to be transparent. As a famous writer once said: "Writing is easy - you just sit at your desk and open a vein". Yeah, kinda like that :)


  1. You are cool too; I like your posts. Keep writing! I always wanted to write about trees and get people understand them. You got your blog first; good on ya!