Thursday, April 14, 2016

From the sublime...

I checked out the streets around Roscommon Park in Floreat today. 

Being an older area protected from the coastal winds I expected some decent trees. I wasn't disappointed.

This Tuart (Eucalyptus gomphocephala) is the finest one I think I've seen on a street verge.

It would be a naturally occurring one - an indication of what was here before us lot arrived.

It was good to see it was getting a bit of loving care from the Council too. There was clear evidence of some recent dead-wooding / formative pruning.

Around the corner I came across this fine example of Brazilian Pepper (Schinus molle) - also one of the best I've seen*.

Click the photo to see how beautiful it really is.

But of course I knew it couldn't last. I went around the next corner and found this...

Ah yes, Perthus suburbius butcherus.

But at least there's no leaves on the lawn, huh?

Go on, click the photo and get a good look at how special this really is!

* It was disappointing the builders weren't taking better care of it. Pretty disrespectful for such a grand tree.

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