Saturday, April 16, 2016

"Don't you ever get tired of talking about trees?"

No. But I'll tell you what I do get tired of...


And this.

And this.

And this.

And where all the above are headed...

…which is this.

And all these trees were in one short section of verge.

This is just throwing ratepayers' money away. 

Come on Mr/Ms Parks and Gardens Manager, put up your hand and say you've had enough of it too.

Tell your Council that from now on you're only going to plant the number of trees that you can afford to keep alive by watering them twice a week and doing the maintenance they need.

If that's only 100 trees, so be it.

This sort of carnage is damaging the credibility of the industry and just sends a message that you think trees are not that important.

We can't change Perth's tree culture if we don't start getting this right.

It's time for Parks Departments in Perth to do what is already occurring elsewhere and that is keep records of their mortality rates. 

It's the only way forward.

Why not be the first?


  1. These trees are not dying just from lack of water. More to it than that. These are dud trees from the start. Wrong seed provenance for Perth street trees - these look like south coast (ie Esperance, Albany, Denmark) Agonis, not local, and certainly NOT the tall growing form that provides shade & cover with a clear trunk specified for a street verge. They also look like the leftovers, the bargain basement, the "rejection section". At first I assumed these photos were taken in the Eastern suburbs - so familiar is this sight. No excuses for this waste.

    1. True - but even if they were of good provenance, they would STILL be dying in large numbers from the lack of watering and proper maintenance. The Parks industry needs to ask itself what it's for if not to grow trees.