Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Eric Carmen tree*

I've always thought it's almost impossible to overscale your street trees - ie make them too big. Check out No.10 on this list for example. But I saw something in Marlow St, Wembley today that made me realise you can.

Why does this look wrong yet the same size / similar shape trees in Porto Alegre look good?

Because this one's all by its lonesome. It relates to nothing and looks like a dunny in the desert.

If there were a stack of these lining both sides of the street it would look fine. By itself, not so much.

I have to admire it's tenacity though (it's a Lemon-scented Gum by the way).

Look where it lives...

Uh huh.

* Go Eric!  (never mind his singing, I want some of his hair)

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